Critique Article: Stephen King:”I have outlived most of my critics. It gives me pleasure”.by Xan Brooks

Stephen King:”I have outlived most of my critics. It gives me pleasure”.by Xan Brooks

2. A short paragraph overview of the piece. Who is the story about and why was it important for the story to be told?

This is a clever glint in the life and policies of one of the world’s most prolific and long-standing authors Stephen King. The story needs to be told because this story breaks many steadfast misconceptions regarding the nature of King.

For humanity’s sake, the more it can learn in order to know the truth, you must do a little work and learn, the better, and this article exemplifies that ideal.  

3. What kind of a lede was used? (anecdote, scenario/setting, shock, etc)

King’s latest book “The Institute” was used as a lead, then that was crossed over to dispel the idea that the book was written as a political jab.

4. What was the hook for you?

I was attracted to the publisher, “The Guardian”, Stephen King, and the length of the piece knowing it had to have more than a blurb about the book.  The book I have read and knew full well what a selling tag looked like for the book.

5. What was the theme/focus?

The focus was to correct incorrect assumptions.  King seems eager to talk and not shy.  Any author who can shore up holes in the truth regardless of how hard the facts re to get ahold of is seen as a winner.

6. What worked for you in the writing style, technique and/or voice used?

I appreciated how concisely facts were presented and the way the story flowed together. 

7. Did the writer carry through–from first paragraph promise to a satisfying ending?

Yes, as I just said above, one of the techniques I appreciated here was the flow (the author seemed to have control over the story but let King speak), and that lasted until the end. The end was a form of the desert the author went off track gracefully and ended with a dessert of sort by asking King if the president ordered all his books burned what three would he save.  

8. Did s/he use any other techniques that made the profile subject sympathetic and/or relatable?

The clever tie up at the end was also a lead in for future stories with King very clever.  He asked King a series of three questions that went in differing directions.

9. Would you have approached the subject differently? Why or why not?

I may not have thought to do the same as the author as I expect his years of experience and skill guided his story.  I aspire to produce a story as he did here.  I would change nothing.

10. Best take away from this profile writing example?

Practice in your works one day may afford you perfection. 

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