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There is more than one way to be a single parent.COLLAPSE

Studies show that nearly two-thirds of hysterectomies performed today are “unnecessary.” Women are not being provided with enough information to make educated decisions for their long term health issues. Often times, doctors use scare tactics to urge their patients into compliance.  

I endured such an event, whereas a young single twenty-four-year-old person I was told my childbearing years were soon over. I had endured two surgeries to remove smaller amounts of endometrial tissue from internal reproductive areas, but each time I healed from a procedure, the symptoms worsened.  

I now know the symptoms worsened because they were being exacerbated by layers of scar tissue compounding the problem. The scar tissue was from the procedures themselves. If I had known then what I know now, I would have turned away from my first procedure.

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