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Rabbit Cavy Show

Santee, CA— February 1st, 2020 — 

Today at the California Rabbit and Cavy Show. 

 The show was sanctioned by ARBA (the American Rabbit Breeders Association). The ARBA was established in 1920 as a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and improvement of the domesticated rabbit and or cavy breeds. Currently, ARBA recognizes as many as forty-nine distinct breeds of rabbits, each with specific varieties. These rabbit breeds date back to the mid-1800s, with one of the oldest breeds being the Flemish Giant known for its enormous size and mild temperament. The Flemish Giant can easily surpass its ideal show weight of twenty pounds. At this show, only one such Flemish Giant competed; it is a rare breed and often designated as such. 

The participants for this event were a mix of long-standing adult breeders of various rabbit types to up to fifth-generation showmen. This show was proud to host classes for kids who participate in 4-H, a grassroots organization dedicated to the betterment of children through developing and mentoring kids in general agriculture and homesteading type skills.

Many awards were earned, and ribbons were given to those who placed: first, second, or third place. Once the first three placings are chosen in each class, the judge will again look at the top three rabbits in each class to select a Best of Breed or a BOB. When all the classes have finished competing for the day, the show judges will call their chosen BOB back into the show ring or to the table to compete for Best of Show. This is the highest honor possible at each show for each competitor.  

The Best in Show

The Reserve Best in Show went to a rare breed called a “Belgian Hare” owned by Matthew Fuller from Chula Vista, CA. 

This award equates to a second-place for the entire event. The best in show went to a “Miniature Lop” known for their cute appearance and calm temperament, this best in show rabbit was owned by Rachel Mastrangelo, a youth competitor from the San Diego area. 

Each rabbit is judged against an ideal standard for its breed and type. 

The show was sanctioned by ARBA and several local chapters of rabbit breed organizations. For more information on this show, rabbits or showing rabbits, please contact, ARBA directly via www.ARBA.NET

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