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There is more than one way to be a single parent.COLLAPSE

Studies show that nearly two-thirds of hysterectomies performed today are “unnecessary.” Women are not being provided with enough information to make educated decisions for their long term health issues. Often times, doctors use scare tactics to urge their patients into compliance.  

I endured such an event, whereas a young single twenty-four-year-old person I was told my childbearing years were soon over. I had endured two surgeries to remove smaller amounts of endometrial tissue from internal reproductive areas, but each time I healed from a procedure, the symptoms worsened.  

I now know the symptoms worsened because they were being exacerbated by layers of scar tissue compounding the problem. The scar tissue was from the procedures themselves. If I had known then what I know now, I would have turned away from my first procedure.

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Classmate Interview

Brittany Fair works as a science writer with Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, CA. As a science communicator, Brittany enjoys a unique vantage point to write educational and entertaining copy for release to the public. In addition to writing, she also is tasked with cohosting podcasts and producing videos, used to feature both contributors and contributions to the scientific world.
Brittany is on track to obtain a certificate in creative writing from UCSD. She feels this compliments her vast education in the sciences. Brittany holds a Masters of Science in Neurosciences that she obtained from the Robert Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont.
Over the past year, she has learned many functional writing techniques to deliver valuable scientific knowledge to a vast audience better. She would love to write pieces that are read and appreciated.
Brittany looks forward to writing a nonfiction book or a series of books to bridge the gap between her chosen field of study, the sciences and to showcase her passion as a writer.
Brittany enjoys her job thoroughly; she told me she was born to write and do great things in science. When asked about her favorite thing, she said her career is what makes her happy, and she is happy to work right into her leisure time.


I go by Angie, Angela, or Ang; it is totally your call with one of those you use, but I will answer.  

I will generally answer to Angie, Angela, and or Ang… please use any of these I will answer to them equally.  

I have recently moved to Southern California from Northern California. I moved my four children 555 miles along with our six horses, five dogs, and all their accouterment needed. This was not a planned event, so sacrifices were made, and it was a lot of work, thankful it is almost complete.  

I chose UCSD because I wanted a better school but also needed flexibility. When I was last enrolled in UCSD last year, I logged in (when I could get a decent connection) from I was about 700 miles from the school in Northern California. That is about 624 miles from the school. Now I am in Southern California this is about 99.8 miles from the campus.  

My job is to educate myself for the new and improved employment world and assist my children in their education at the moment. I am an avid admirer of journalism and the journalistic style in most aspects of writing.  

I enrolled in this class to expunge a previously unpleasant grade. 

On a daily basis, I have been working on trying to get our home down here in So Cal ready to sell. We had been living up north for almost seven years, and while we were gone, it had fallen into disrepair.  

We raise and show rabbits and grow artichokes.  

The best thing professionally was when I owned an art gallery, and I put a show on for an artist to show my appreciation for him. I collected letters from his fans for weeks, and when I presented it to him, he burst into tears, he was so moved.  

The best thing to happen to me would be when each of my four children entered the world.  

I am looking to enter the workforce in a law firm or some other corporate existence. I am still a little in the air about that.  

Personally, I hope to see my kids with significant others of their own and working on their life long goals.  

My Mantra, do it, if you don’t do well, do it again.