Three Congenial Nannies

It was a warm San Diego night, and the ladies had just left the Hard Rock Cafe heading down the sidewalk to the Greener Pasture, a new pub hot spot. The ladies giggled as they walked three-wide with elbows locking and steps clicking in stride. They were excited and had heard it was a great place to meet people. 

Just before the end of the block, the girls cross the street just under the sign that says, “Gaslamp.” “Wow,” Nina said, “that stretches across the whole street.” “It looks like an old bridge,” said Nonie.” Nina, Nonie, and Nancy started across the street and made it to the door.   The girls cued up and went inside. The bar was full, so the only option was to slide into a booth that looked well used for this evening, and wait for service. 

Nina became fed up with the wait first and said, “hold on, let me give it a try,” she heads for the bar, determined to find some room to squeeze in along the bar to get noticed and some service. Nina stood barely five foot two did not make much of a presence; she pushed her way through as best she could but found herself about twenty feet from the bartender and out of shouting range due to all noise. Just as she was about to give up a single beer appeared in front of her, floating like a holy vision, she took it. Nina saw the bartenders; they were still working on the tequila lime shooters and surrounded by customers demanding orders. She scanned the room, looking to find where the beer came from. Bingo, a man, is sitting in front of her to the right.  He looked like he was in his thirties, overweight, and had a bushy unkempt beard.

The man nodded to Nina to signify he had been the one who sent the beer, embarrassed she pushed her way back to the table and sat down. Nina said, “this was all I got, and some guy bought it. Ya know how we were just joking around about beards that make men look like a cross between Bigfoot and a billy goat.” This was bought by a huge billy goat beard man over there to the right sitting at the bar.” 

Nonie says, “Ok, that’s it. I’ll try now”. Nonie was taller, five feet five, and she was wearing two-inch heels tonight, pushing her way through the crowd. Again bounced back by the excited customers packed around the bartender. Suddenly a beer appeared just in front of her. She took it. She looked for the bearded man to thank him, she looked right and left, she was discombobulated and could not remember where Nina said he was so without thanking anyone she sat back down with the beer. 

This time Nancy said, “Great,” she rose up to acquire her drink. She was a good five foot eight even without the almost four-inch heels she wore tonight. People seem to part for her and her blonde hair. She made it to the bar but still some distance from away from the bartender. She scooted down the bar to the right and made it to the Bearded man. He was sitting there with a fresh beer for her. 

He introduced himself as Bill, and it took all her self control to avoid laughing out loud, and she did not want to explain where laughing came from, so she had to control herself. He introduced her to his two friends, also sitting at the bar; they were far smaller than he was, and each sported a smaller version of the facial hair display. He said, get your friends, bring them over. Bill then got off his stool and offered it to Nancy. Bill jumped back on his stool as Nancy turned and made her way back to the table. 

Come on, let’s go! Confused, her friends scooted out of their seats. Nancy grabbed each of them by their wrists and dragged them to Bill. He smiled; his friends smiled; there was no point in a conversation because the noise in the bar was outrageous. Bill jumped off his stool and gave it to Nancy. Then he gestured for the others to give their seats to Nina and Nonie. The three men backed up and waved with larger than life smiles turned and left the bar, the girls never saw them again.  

The end.

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